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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I ride my Mountain Bike (MTB)?

Yes, your MTB will be fine at the TUFF.

Where will the start/finish be located?

The Start/Finish will be on Canyon BLVD. next to the Village at Mammoth (6201 Minaret Rd, Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546).

Can I defer or transfer my entry?

The short answer is NO. We recommend you register when you are confident you can make the travel but the event is only open to 850 riders.

Can I cancel or get a refund for my entry?

No. Thanks for understanding. 

Will there be awards

Awards are given only to the TUFF-est (one person at the top in each category on both courses). The ceremony will be saved for the morning after, Sunday, September 18, 2022. We will keep you updated on this plan but the idea is for all the TUFF to stop back in and share their stories with other members.

Will there be a party?

You will receive a food and drink ticket with your registration. We will release information on where you can redeem this closer to the event. Unfortunately Oktoberfest was canceled for 2022. 

Will there be aid stations?

YES! There will be enough neutral aid stations to get through both courses but you will be required to carry at least 3-5hrs of fuel at a time.
For the LONG COURSE, there are three aid stations. 
For the MEDIUM COURSE, there are two aid stations. 
For the SHORT COURSE, there is one aid station. 
There will be water and offered calories will be explained closer to event day.

Are support crews required?

For the LONG COURSE, they are not required but we will have space for them to meet you at the southern most part of the course. There will be an aid station at this location, so the support crews are not required.
For the SHORT & MEDIUM COURSE, support crews are not allowed for safety of the riders. It will also prepare riders to take on the long course in the future. 

Do I need a backpack?

It is recommended you carry a pack or some sort of bags on your frame, bars, etc. that allow you to carry a minimum of 2 Liters (67OZ) of fluids, 4hrs of nutrition, and extra clothing (you will be in the Owens Valley and temps can change quick).

Will it be hard?

YES! You are at altitude, riding in TUFF, and have a good amount of climbing throughout the day... If it was not TUFF we would not have used this as training grounds for two DK200 (Now - Unbound) wins and more.

When will the course be released?

The full courses will be announced the Monday before the event.
Watch @gravelbikecalifornia's video for a good look at sections of the route(s).

Will the course be marked?

We will mark major intersections with pavement in order to keep vehicles informed of the event. Other than that, navigation is part of the adventure. You are expected to navigate on your own. GPX files of the courses will be released the week of the event. 

Is there a neutral roll-out?


Where will I find all the specifics to prepare and plan for the event?

The TUFF Guide will have all the specifics of the event with all these questions answered again and more.

Tire recommendations? 

As wide as your frame will allow!
38's will suffice, but we recommend 40 and above. Knobby tires that roll well are recommended.
Amanda's favorites are 700x 42's and 48's

How much climbing will there be? 

Course descriptions here

Will there be time cutoffs?

The short answer is Yes! The Riders Guide will have all the specifics of the schedule and time cutoffs.

Are E-Bikes allowed?

We are happy to say we opened up an E-bike category. E-Bikes will be allowed to ride on the short course only. If they are a category 1 - pedal assist and can hold a charge for 4 - 5 hours. There will be no prizes for this category as it is just one group.

What are your Gearing recommendations?

If 2x we recommend something like a Shimano GRX crankset, or similar, with a 48/31 tooth chainrings and a 11-34 cassette.
If 1x we recommend a 40 tooth chainring with at least a 11-40 cassette but an 11-46 would be better.
*Note: We are saying a 1:1 ratio or easier. It is a long day at altitude.
Here is a good article on BikeRadar about Gravel Bike setups, focus on the Chainring, Cassette, and 1x or 2x sections.