TUFF-20 Results, Raffle, and more...

To see where you finished up in the TUFF-20 go HERE!

If you missed the Gravel Reports watch them on HERE and if you wanted to see what people what people found on the Scavenger Hunt look HERE.

The RAFFLE will be LIVE Sunday October 25th at 5:00 p.m. PST.
It will be live on our Instagram and Facebook feeds. If you would like to join, we have put a few extra items up for grabs (5 x Mammoth TUFF Socks and 5 x Bandanas) that will be drawn after the bike.

TUFF-20: Challenge – Choose your own Adventure

This year’s Mammoth TUFF routes were going to have some “Choose your own Adventure” segments, so we decided to make the entire TUFF-20 challenge a “Choose your own Adventure” experience. This event is now everything you want it to be and we can’t wait to see you #ExploreYourTUFF.

The TUFF-20 is a unique challenge in that you will create your own route, of any distance and elevation, with the opportunity to enter yourself into any of the micro-challenges we put in place. We trust you know how to #ExploreYourTUFF so choose your own adventure and decide to participate in all, some, or none of the little competitions. Whatever distance you ride, you will receive participation awards and be entered into the raffle to win a complete bike from Niner and Shimano. Increase your chances of winning this bike by buying more raffle tickets!

Anyone can participate, from anywhere, and ride whatever distance on their choice of bike beginning August 1, 2020 – September 30, 2020. The pandemic has added stress and separated the gravel community we love for 2020. We would have loved to see everyone registered and in Mammoth Lakes, CA for the event this year in one big, mass rollout to show off all the TUFF routes and more we had planned but that is not possible. However, we still want to share a TUFF experience from wherever you are.

How do I get involved in this Experience?

1. Register for the Challenge/Virtual Experience: TUFF-20
(We recommend reading the RIDER GUIDE first so you understand the competitions and exactly what you want to purchase at checkout, hint: extra raffle tickets)

2. Review your registration confirmation email from BikeReg
(The email will include a note from directors with your exclusive perks/coupons from our partners, a private link to our Ride with GPS:TUFF-20 Experience, to further help plan your adventure, and any last minute instructions you would usually hear on the line)

3. Challenge yourself and Build a Route
(It can be any distance and elevation, but note there is a micro challenge – competition that awards the Most Mileage and Most Elevation)

4. Read the TUFF-20: RIDER GUIDE to decide if you want to participate in any of the micro challenges

5. Plan how you will safely execute your participation of the micro challenges/competitions on your ride while following rules and guidelines

6. Ride your Route between August 1 and September 30, 2020

7. Share or upload any or all of your participation from the ride and micro challenges to us as stated in the RIDERS GUIDE before October 2, 2020

8. Wait to see the results, view amazing submissions or highlights from the TUFF community, and hear who will win the raffle (Niner RLT9 RDO – with full Shimano GRX Spec.)

Registered Riders receive:

• Opportunities for prizes… you don’t have to be the fastest!
• 2 Raffle Ticket to enter for a chance to win the grand prize bike.
        There are opportunities for more raffle ticket entries.
• A Pair of Sock Guy: Mammoth TUFF socks - to #ExploreyourTUFF
• A Mammoth TUFF bandana - cover up and #ExploreyourTUFF
• An Orange Mud Face Buff - cover more and stay warm during
• Access to restricted discounts below from our partners.

All Registered Riders have Access to perks from our partners:

- Orange Seal - This is a one time per customer Code – 30% discount  
- SDG Components 25% discount
- Orange Mud 15% discount
- KOGEL 20% discount
- Ride with GPS 20% discount, Existing subscribers get 20% off next renewal
- Sockguy 30% discount
*All coupon codes are available to Registered Riders over the course of the Tuff-20 Experience, Aug 1 – Sep 30, 2020

It's Okay to Register Now...

Anything you missed that you still need to know...

For all SPECIFICS And Details:

TUFF-20: Riders Guide


You will have anytime between August and September to complete the challenge! Aug 1, 2020 - September 30, 2020. 


Because we want to give you something to look forward to in lieu of the event.

While we wish everyone could be in Mammoth, we want to keep the community safe and have structured this challenge to be completed from anywhere. 

We also have a ton of amazing prizes and giveaways from our partners that we still want to share with the TUFF community!

What is this?

A virtual challenge in lieu of the Mammoth Tuff event. Participate by creating and riding your own challenging route and enter yourself into fun mini-competitions within the ride.

Who can participate?





Ride whenever and however you want. We trust you know how to #ExploreYourTUFF with your own challenging route.

Participation will get you 20% off any premium or basic yearly account with Ride with GPS to help you with route planning.

What's the challenge?

We have fun competitions that you can participate in during your ride! It's not about being the fastest.

There will be awards for achieving certain mileage and elevation goals, supporting your local businesses, sending in gravel reports, and the most fun part of the challenge will be the photo scavenger hunt.

What do I get?

Creating and riding your own route will get you participation awards (Sign up Swag: Socks, Face Coverings, Two entries into the Raffle, and Exclusive Coupon Codes from our partners on future purchases).

There is also a chance to win a ton of fun prizes from our partners by participating in the micro-challenges and the raffle at the end to win a complete bike from Niner and Shimano.  Niner RLT9 RDO w/ Shimano GRX - TUFF Spec. and APPROVED! Complete details of this TUFF build will be released on Aug 17, 2020.

What if I'm still traveling to Mammoth?

While we’re not endorsing it, we can’t stop you from visiting Mammoth, so if you choose to ride in that area, please keep in mind that the riding is remote and for many areas there is no cellular service. You should have a firm communications and emergency plan in place, along with all necessary tools to handle mechanicals and flat tires. Plan for sufficient water and nutrition. We put together a suggested itinerary so you can choose your own adventure, in the most contactless way possible.

Again, for all the specifics:

TUFF-20: Riders Guide

Okay, seriously, now you can register >>